Taking the Time to Celebrate

I get used to the stress of finding homes for animals. Each and every one is special to me, and there is a big, welcome sigh of relief when placement happens. Everyone involved is elated. Most of the time, things are fairly routine and animals come and go. It makes for a happy environment. There are moments, however, when you draw in your breath and panic. This animal, you say to yourself, is going to be tough.

Facing such a situation is par for the course when dealing with shelters and a plenitude of animals, but it never makes it any easier. You rack your brain for ideas and new ways to find candidates to take difficult pets. There are always those kind souls that take a three-legged cat or a deaf dog. Sometimes you are racing against the clock. As unimaginable as it may seem, some shelters have time limits and will put an animal down if it passes the deadline. You fight hard not to become critical (policy is policy and it is always about funds).

The adrenalin gets going as you search in your limited database and make those requisite calls. You pass the word on social media; you text, send messages, and emails. You hope someone miraculously will drop in and fall in love. While this can happen, most of the time it doesn’t. Thus, placing a particular challenge when you are running out of time can be exhausting. When it is done, you are ready for a respite. You reach for that ubiquitous glass of wine; and for a moment, your mind comes to a halt.

To alleviate stress, wine is a winner. Some like coffee or tea; others beer. For me, it is the fruit of the vine. It pays to have your little portable wine cooler/fridge on hand. You can get them in different size to hold a few or a dozen bottles as space permits. This way they are chilled perfectly and ready to decant. I believe everyone should take the time to celebrate little victories in work and life. It is what keeps us going.

I had a one-bottle gadget for some time sitting underneath my desk. I loved it so much that I indulged in a 12-bottle beverage cooler fridge so I wouldn’t have to restock all the time. This way I could buy in bulk and avail myself of store discounts. The cooler takes up little space and can go on top or below any surface such as a staff lounge. Mine is next to the stainless steel microwave (which, by the way, it perfectly matches). Small units usually have one temperature control so they are often restricted to whites. When you get the larger models that house several dozen of your favorites, you can get dual control so both whites and reds are in their best “zone.”

However you celebrate, it is your special time and a nice contrast to the rest of the day ahead. Even while relaxing your body, you can refresh your mind. Take it from me, a cold glass of chardonnay is the best late afternoon treat.