Swim dogs

There is a TV commercial in which dogs turn on all the faucets in the house causing an overflow of water and flooding of the living room. It is for Farmer’s insurance, and the faux agent in the ad says we cover everything, even “mermutts.” It is a play on mermaids, but they are dogs. It is a cute ad and we enjoy watching them frolicking in the water which is as high as the top of the sofa and chairs. I enjoy anything that is playful about animals. They are a gift to mankind and it is fun to humanize them and make them into troublemakers. It reminds us that you never know what you can expect from your pets. They do like to snoop around and play and use your personal belongings as toys. You have to keep puppies in particular amuses as they get bored easily. You can play catch of course and chase them around the yard. If you run out of things to do, on a hot day, dogs love to swim in the pool. I have two of them who can attest to it as super canine fun.

I have a nice above ground pool and it has a small ladder you can use to climb in. This is primarily for children who are too short to hop over the side. The dogs learned this trick quickly and have been found to swim vigorously, especially during the summer. Their fur gets warm and they crave a dunking. It is not good enough to spray them with the hose. They lie in the shade if the pool is taken by adult swimmers and members of the family. If they are allowed to jump in, they join in on the fun and splash around just like everyone else.

Dogs are adventurous by nature and when they discovered that they can swim, they went crazy. They approached the pool, sat quietly, and looked up at me for permission. Once I showed them the ladder, they were game. Any time was a good time for a swim. The pool was the right size and used salt water. The chlorine would have been too toxic for them or I would have surely nixed the whole idea. I am happy that the dogs are happy and they often sit close to me when I am in the house on the sofa as if to say thanks. The only problem is the issue of whether or not having animals in the pool is sanitary. Probably not. As a result, I have taken on the chore of keeping the pool clean. I use a special pool vacuum cleaner system suitable for water and I also put in an additive in the water that destroys bacteria. Between these two processes, it should take care of cleanliness. If someone, such as a neighbor, hesitates to swim in a pool frequented by dogs, they can decline.