Second Time Around

Much like my love for rehabilitating abused animals and finding them a good home, I like to go to secondhand and thrift shops to find items that maybe have seen better days or need a little TLC to breathe new life into them. Then I take them home, clean them up and see what can be done. Some of the items I keep or give to friends and some of it I sell—putting the money back into my foster care network, naturally.

I found a really nice—albeit scratched, dented, and in desperate need of some care—table a few weeks ago. I brought it home, stored it in the shed and promptly forgot about it because we got in a beautiful chocolate lab we named Becky, who was found abandoned in an empty home that had been foreclosed on. Took a few weeks, but I am happy to say that Becky is in good health and has found a temporary home while we establish her compatibility with a mix of people and other pets before she can be formally adopted.

I went out to the shed for something and lo and behold, there was the table. I was thinking about another dog, Petey, we had just been alerted to who had been abused by his former owners, and I was pretty angry about it. I decided to take my anger out productively and started sanding all the dings, scratches, and scuff marks from the table. It took HOURS, but by the end, I felt a lot calmer and had more of a plan to help Petey. I went back into the house and called it a night. Then I got busy with Petey’s case, so the table sat in the shed for another week. But my mind kept going back to it. The surface was so smooth now, nearly whole again (just like my dogs). I wanted to celebrate this victory over the table’s rough treatment in the past. I decided that I’d try a black lacquer on it—it would make it soft, smooth, and very glossy. Much like our lovely Becky after her some love, food, and a shampoo!

I was afraid to apply the lacquer paint with a paint brush—I didn’t want the brush strokes to show, so I decided to rent a paint sprayer. I talked to the manager at a hardware store and he recommended a paint sprayer that was perfect for laquer, so I went with that. I’ve used sprayers before with similar projects (although none with lacquer, this was a brand new idea of mine), so I was pretty comfortable with this one and I have to say, it worked like a charm. I was able to keep the overspray (the paint that got wasted) to a minimum and there were no streaky paintbrush strokes to mar the finish on my shiny new table. Honestly, if I had a lot of money, I’d pay for the gun and use it every time. It went that smoothly.

The table came out really nice. Now I am on the hunt for some chairs to go with it. I think I may keep this one for myself for awhile!