New Volunteer

I adore being a volunteer who helps abused and mistreated animals. Sometimes I feel so much for these victims. After all, some of us like animals more than people. They can break your heart, however, and I do what I can to provide support which most often means locating a foster home for them. Kind people are all around who are willing to lend a hand. We have a list of them so it is pretty easy to find a home. A friend of mine took in a three-legged cat. The cat could walk by limping along and when she ran, she was more efficient and looked normal. I will never leave this volunteer job. I have met kindred souls. Volunteers come and go but some are rather special. There is a core group that includes a stand up paddleboard instructor. Now this is something I know little about. He explained that he uses an inflatable SUP like these and it provides for a great water adventure. “Would you like to come along on my next trip,” he inquired. I was quick with my positive reply. A lesson or two should have me riding on the board upright and not falling off. I have pretty good balance so it should be a good sport for me. I love the outdoors and water recreation. This will add to my stable of choices.

He brought the board to my house so I could see what it looked like and how it was constructed. He said paddle boards are getting more common, especially with the casual thrill-seeker. He had a 10-foot board with a rounded hull which would make paddleboarding easy on calm water as in a river or surf. All skill levels he said would enjoy this model. It is all about balance. Some people have been known to use yoga on a river or lake. There is a sturdy handle in the middle of the front he explained so I could easily carry it around. I asked what it was made of and found out that it is military-grade PVC put together with a kind of drop stitch technology. It is virtually unbreakable he said and I didn’t need to worry about mishaps or deflation on th4e water. It is interesting that the inflatable paddle board is just as rigid as the non-inflatable types. If you want to buy one, he said, you can store it deflated in the trunk of the car or at home. It doesn’t take much space.

I looked it over careful and noted the textured foam deck pad. This minimizes slipping and sliding while it is in use. It has four front stainless steel D-rings and includes a bungee cord connecting them. In this area you can stow extra equipment and a paddle, which is made of lightweight aluminum. Talk about high durability. This particular set of paddles that the instructor brought were adjustable which means they expand in length to suit your needs. I like that they fold up for storage. Somebody thought of everything. There is also another D-ring near the back so you can attach your board to a boat or dock. I absolutely love it and want the same model if it turns out that I like the sport. I also love the nylon fins which improve control and help maintain your desired direction. They are removable for transport. Every board comes with a manual pump that inflates the board through a specialized valve.

I think about going forward with a purchase. Next time I will tell you if I made one.