Here for a Few Days, in my Heart Forever

I have a mission and this blog is part of it. I love animals and abhor their mistreatment. I am so miffed that this problem is so rampant. You hear horror stories in the news all the time. I can’t get those sad little faces out of my mind.  I know thousands of you out there are in sync with my views. We have to do something to remedy the problem and find new foster homes for these wretched creatures who have been abused for no reason at all. They need love and attention. Thus, I am building a network or interested people. If each one of my readers adopts a dog, gives money to a shelter, or just protests the problem, we will make considerable progress. I am not just a voice for an important issue. I put my money where my mouth is. In fact, I regularly donate funds and often foster needy animals.

This past weekend, I was home to a dog who needed to learn to live in peace with people without threat of being tortured or beaten. His history is tragic. I hoped to acclimate the pet who had been residing too long in a cage so he would be ready to be transferred to a new family environment with children. It would be wonderful for all concerned and I was supremely happy to be involved. I loved the dog and the problem was that I would be sad to see him go. He is sweet and loving and perfect for any owner who wants a loyal companion. Some animals are reclusive but this one could take as much doting as you could give him.

When the dog left, I noted some telltale fur on my couch as evidence of his short-term visit. I have often encountered shedding animals and am well-equipped to handle the problem in a jiffy. Long ago I bought a lightweight vacuum after reading about them at There are attachments for carpets, wood floors, upholstery and window blinds. It is a nice little easy-to-use machine. I wanted something I could lug around and store without fuss. I wondered if such a light device would do the job on stubborn pet fur. The testimonials I read online regarding the product raved about its great suction capability.

The fur was gone and the dog had departed and there was a hole in my life, even after just a few days of his presence. Animals are like that. You can bond quickly or not at all. This was the kind of dog I would want for myself. Amazingly, he didn’t seem to have ill effects from his mistreatment. He would wag his tail and approach me for treats as soon as I brought out the box. He is cute with great coloring and the loveliest big brown eyes. I have an album of photos of animals I have loved and cared for over the years. This one is my latest addition.