Donated Creation Machine

I’m very excited that someone donated a sewing machine to me. I’ve been brainstorming on how I can use it to help my new fosters. These animals deserve love and attention while they are waiting for a furever home. I hope to go over some of the easy projects that I plan to do in this blog.

Sewing for beginners is not as bad as I thought it would be, thanks Of course, sewing is a skill that takes time to master. I’m not going to pretend that my creations will be spectacular at first. I used to do some sewing in school, but they don’t have too many Home Economics classes anymore.

I think that my pets would enjoy a little warmer when they are cold. It will be a blanket that goes on and I can tighten with a velcro strap. I know pets can get cold too. I don’t think would attempt a sweater though with leg holes. It seems like a bit of a complicated project. Also, my animals come and go as they find placements. I need something that I can reuse as I can’t afford to be spending time to sew a new blanket with each pet. Sewing is a lot of fun but it’s just a hobby.

I can also see making some bedding for the dogs. I know this is a complicated endeavour, but I hope I can become good at it. I know that beds can be costly. If I can make a bed on my own, I could save a bit of money. I could also just make a blanket that I could stuff. This sort of pillow blanket would make a soft bed. Pillows cases are actually relatively easy to sew. I would want to make a larger version of one for the pet. Then I would just have to buy the stuffing. I could always replace the stuffing and wash the case if I have to get a new animal and give one up for adoption.

My mind is starting to buzz with the possibilities. There’s really a lot that can be done with a sewing machine in terms of dog materials. Another idea I had was to make plush balls for the animals. These would be something that they can have as a fun toy. They might get a little destroyed, but I think I could wash them. I might even let the dogs take them to their new homes because it seems kind of unsanitary to reuse the balls on other dogs.

These are just a few of the ideas that have popped into my mind. I can’t wait to start looking for patterns and possibly even learning how to modify them. I’m sure it will be a learning curve, but I am up for the task. Let me know if you think of any ideas that I can incorporate into my practice. I would love to know.