Anyone Can Be an Animal Abuser


The stereotype that all animal abusers are sociopaths does a disservice to animals, since seemingly normal people can be just as much of a threat to them. As the popular television show the Sopranos pointed out, some sociopaths can actually love animals. Animals tend to give people fierce and simple affection while asking for very little in return, which holds a lot of appeal to the sociopaths who have a difficult time maintaining more emotionally complex relationships. A love of animals does not rule out a psychopathic personality.

However, the stereotype does come from somewhere, and it cannot be dismissed like most stereotypes. It is true that sociopaths represent a fairly specific and unique threat to animals, and they need to be recognized as the problem that they are. People with Antisocial Personality Disorder literally lack a sense of empathy. They are not able to intuitively feel what others feel.

They have to intellectually work out the emotions of others, and they often lack the will to do so. Naturally, they are not able to extend any empathy or sympathy to animals or the feelings of animals. However, many people with this problem will specifically go after animals because they think that they will be able to get away with it in a way that would be difficult if they tried the same thing on a human.

Our society tolerates cruelty to animals at least to a certain extent, and cruelty to animals is treated as a lesser crime than cruelty to a human. Sociopaths are more than aware of this, and they try to act out their power fantasies in a way that is less likely to cause them long-term consequences. They will go to jail for life for killing humans. Killing an animal will rarely produce similar consequences.

However, it should be noted that people who are otherwise normal and even seem empathetic have been known to harm animals as well, and their motivations need to be examined if we are able to try to prevent their actions and stop them from doing what they’re doing. These people are feeling powerless in one way or another. Maybe they are suffering from abuse themselves at the hands of a parent, lover, or relative. Maybe they are oppressed in their regular lives. They may be embittered because of genuinely terrible things that have happened to them. Harming animals can give them a sense of power and control, which is why it can be self-reinforcing behavior.

People who are normally empathetic who harm animals have decided that the feelings of animals do not count. They have compartmentalized their brains, leading to a situation in which they can feel empathy for some beings but not for others. Those of us who live in the twenty-first century can sometimes forget that lighting cats on fire for entertainment was once mainstream, as was cock fighting and bear baiting. The people in the seventeenth century were not all sociopaths. They were often releasing the tension that they accumulated from living in societies like theirs.

There is no excuse for harming animals. However, understanding the mindsets of the people who abuse animals can help us prevent and stop them. You have to remember that even the people who you would never suspect in a million years can be animal abusers. The important thing is just making sure that they stop their behavior and stop hurting animals. You don’t have to end your friendships with them or break your familial connections with them when you find out what they have done. You just need to make sure that it stops.